Bending rays

I found it even more interesting to use these two mentioned filters ( erase every other row and polar coordinates) in other way to get narrow rays.Pure geometry:


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Combining simple filters : “polar coordinates” and “erase every other row” takes only a few minutes to get nice effect:



Step by step tutorial(in Polish) is waiting at Promienie Tutorial.

And below is my result of repeating polar coordinates filter (Filters -> Distorts):


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Window full of shadows

Today I’d like to present this nice and gloomy window:

Unfortunately this tutorial is in Polish only…. Okienko na potrzeby www.

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This is my result of a pattern tutorial. The picture is made of these:

So actually you need just to create eight squares painted with different colours, multiply  them and save file .pat file. Now you can use it for blending in the same way as typical pattern.

Step by step tutorial you can find at

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Typography in gimp

Hi,today I’ve tried some typography and I checked this tutorial: Typography in GIMP.

text: wisdomWell, it’s my first attempt and it is NOT cool, but you can imagine there IS something in it…

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Just an eclipse…

Another wallpaper…the planet or moon doesn’t look convincing…it seems to say: “I’m just a black artificial circle ” … I omitted the last step of the original tutorial, so my picture doesn’t have a nice pattern.


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artificial wood

It’s quite a long tutorial and it’s in Polish,but nonetheless it seems to be a good start for making a wood-like surfaces. You can find it in at

My result is not satisfying..take a look:

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